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Mystery Packs


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Mystery Packs
Mystery Packs
Mystery Packs

Do you love surprises? Is it hard for you to choose? Let Catparty do it for your with our Mystery Packs!

Each box contains:

➳ one 2 inch vinyl sticker
➳ two seconds grade enamel pins
➳ Super cute packaging. It'll be like getting a present!

A Note About Seconds Grades: 

The pins in our Seconds Grade Collection are being sold at a reduced price, meaning they will have minor flaws such as: slight scratches, inconsistencies in enamel fill, inconsistencies in line quality, and/or minor discoloration. Many of these flaws are indistinguishable when the pin is worn. Examples of flaws can be seen in the listing photo. All Mystery Pack items are sold as is with no returns. 

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