About Catparty

Hi! I'm Nicky. Welcome to the party!

Catparty Design Studio was founded in the spring of 2016, but it all started long before that with a quick doodle of a single character.

Before I started my own design studio, I was an elementary school art teacher and after-school program director in the suburbs of Boston, MA. One afternoon between classes, I absentmindedly drew a character called Party Cat.

Party Cat was a mischievous, silly little character who had a way of sneaking onto worksheets, whiteboards, and other parts of my lesson planning. Before I knew it, Party Cat had become the unofficial mascot of my classroom––and a pretty good teacher's assistant!––and the other teachers loved him almost as much as the kids did.

What started out as a funny doodle quickly became the subject of all sorts of classroom coloring pages and activity sheets, in which Party Cat found himself in a multitude of situations and occupations, much to the kids’ delight. (Personal favorites from this period include, but are not limited to: Dinosaur Cat, Ninja Cat, Cheerleader Cat––these kids were never short on ideas.)

After teaching in the Boston area for more than a decade, I started my own business after moving to Rhode Island––and Party Cat followed me. Since its inception, Catparty Design Studio has released a range of products and traveled to shows in and around the northeastern United States. If you see us on the road, be sure to say hi!